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Our platform verifies and validates individuals and organizations, eliminating  opportunities for fraud and ensuring that data accuracy and integrity are maintained with easy validation.

Greenlight data easily integrates into existing legacy software and hardware systems.

For Businesses

Verified digital identities for individuals and organizations and validated records for events, such as loan closings, ensure data security and integrity throughout the loan process.

For Consumers

Effortlessly establish a digital identity for yourself or your company, securely stored in your digital wallet. Safeguard against fraud by utilizing your unique biometrics as the key to unlocking your identity.

Securing the Future of Loan Closings

Leading the Charge in Identity Fraud Mitigation

Our software uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of security during loan closings. It combines real-world data and Validated Data Tokens (VDTs) to record closing events, identify participants, and generate detailed reports that reveal the “who, what, when, and where” of each event.

The problem Billions lost each year

As digitalization and advanced fraud escalate, the finance and loan sector’s vulnerability to fraud grows annually, with an estimated $9 billion lost in US fraud in 2022, impacting industry costs, services, infrastructure, and customers;

Greenlight Data emerges as a vital solution to counter digital fraud’s detrimental effects on lenders, buyers, sellers, attorneys, and insurers by addressing easily preventable fraudulent activities.


the solution ensure full verification

Greenlight Data uses our patented technology to create a permanent data record for each financial event. By validating and then connecting the biometric digital identity of the parties involved, the who attribute, with the validated attributes of where, when, and what, Greenlight Data enables full verification and transparency for each financial transaction.


Touch Audit

Provides users with effortless access to comprehensive attribute data related to products, services, and events.

Token Grading

Standardizes the evaluation of each VDT, streamlining the verification process.

Smart Contracts

Facilitates transparent and secure transactions.

Digital Identity

Confirms the individuals involved in VDT creation by generating a unique biometric template.

How Greenlight Can Transform Your Business

Elevate your software

Enhanced Security

Identity Verification: Curb unauthorized access and activity using biometrics and government-issued IDs.

Immutable Records: Seal transactions in an unchangeable state and ensure authenticity with blockchain technology. 

generate reliable insights

Increased Transparency

Traceable History: Trace any closing event back to its origin using our VDTs, ensuring transparency and consistency. 

Comprehensive Insights: View every step and actor involved in a closing event with detailed reports powered by metadata.

push productivity

Efficient User-Experience

User-Friendly Access: Engage effortlessly in the loan closing process using a range of devices. 

Streamlined Reporting: Simplify decision-making and monitoring with robust reporting capabilities that allow for quick data access.

increase accessibility and Impact

Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement

Unified Platform: Ensure uniformity in processes, reduced training needs, and improved collaboration. 

What we offer

Solutions for All Industries

Validate events and participants for all your transactions

For Businesses

Ensures data security and integrity throughout the loan process. Identifies loan fraud, saving time and resources, and increasing efficiency

For Consumers

Offers a secure, transparent, and efficient loan processing system. Features like Biometric Identification and Touch Audit enhance security and transparency.


Ensuring the Truth

Our software establishes a secure foundation by creating records that are resistant to tampering, ensuring the authenticity of every transaction.

Immutable Records

Blockchain ensures secure, authentic transactions and milestones.

Minimized Fraud

Biometrics, government IDs, and VDTs cut identity fraud risks for lenders and borrowers.

Streamlined Reporting

Robust reports aid lenders and stakeholders in efficient decision-making and monitoring.


How to Create Your Individual Digital ID
on ChainIT™

Create your digital identity with ChainIT App. It includes essential information like your name, birthdate, location, government license, registration, and more.

ChainIT ID allows you to validate only what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

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We eliminate opportunities for fraud and ensure that data accuracy and integrity are maintained with easy validation.

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