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Immutable Records

Blockchain ensures secure, authentic transactions with comprehensive documentation and reporting.

Minimized Fraud

Biometrics, government IDs, and VDTs cut identity fraud risks for borrowers and improve KYB and KYC processes for lenders.

Automated Smart Disbursements

Fully-configurable workflows make it easy for lenders to manage and monitor draw requests.

Our features

Transparency. Security. Accuracy.

By implementing smart contracts, multiple layers of authentication, and innovative features like our comprehensive grading and auditing system, Greenlight Data ensures transparency, security, accuracy, and integrity of data. This platform streamlines processes, reduces risk, and improves transparency among buyers, lenders, and attorneys in the financial industry.

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Ensuring Truth at Every Milestone


Automatically Monitor Locations

Location information is immutably recorded for each piece of documentation, providing insights and ensuring transparency.


Track Timestamps

Permanent timestamps are collected for each document and event, recording the precise time information is entered.


True Owner Verification

Add biometric verification of the token owners, creators and witnesses. Individuals are verified using only authenticated photos, IDs and documents.


Easily Integrate and Share Records

Each piece of documentation is connected to a QR code, which can be integrated seamlessly into legacy systems, or shared with interested parties.

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Explore Our Solutions

Verify individual customers

Individual Identity Verification

Our system utilizes biometrics and government-validated IDs to verify the identities of all participants in a loan closing. This ensures that only authorized individuals are part of the process.

Verify business customers

Organizational Digital Identity

In addition to validating the individuals, we also verify businesses to reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions and protect lenders and borrowers from financial losses.

Create an immutable record of a transaction

Loan Closing Token

We provide robust reporting capabilities that leverage the metadata collected in VDTs. Lenders and stakeholders can access detailed reports that offer insights into every aspect of the loan closing events.

Where Transparency Meets Simplicity

Touch Audit

Where Data Quality Matters

Token Grading System

Our Validated Data Tokens are graded with our advanced Token Grading System, providing a standardized method of assessing each VDT. This grading scale assigns a grade based on the level of validation of the tokens, utilizing four Hardware Levels and six established BeingID Levels with varying degrees of credibility and assurance, all of which are Touch Audit-enabled.

Collect Enhanced documentation records

ChainIT Doc

ChainIT Doc harnesses the power of the ChainIT platform to encapsulate documents within a Validated Data Token™ (VDT). With a streamlined process, users can easily upload their vital documents, embedding them with layers of authenticity that vouch for their genuineness.

Automate Payment Approvals and fund disbursements

Smart Contracts

Whether handling a one-time disbursement or multiple staged draws, smart contracts streamline the approval and release of funds. As soon as predefined conditions are met and verified, the smart contract triggers the automatic disbursement of funds into secure digital wallets. This process minimizes administrative overhead, lowers risk, and mitigates fraud.

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What Sets Us Apart

Immutable Recordkeeping

Our blockchain-powered system creates VDTs for each closing event, documenting the entire process in a tamper-proof and immutable manner. This record includes details of the participants, documents signed, and key milestones.

Referential Integrity

VDTs are linked to one another, allowing for easy reference and verification of the entire loan closing process. Each event can be traced back to its origin, providing transparency and reliability.

User-Friendly Interface

Our software is designed for ease of use by lenders, borrowers, and closing agents. Participants can confidently engage in loan closings using mobile devices or tablets.

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Software Components

Biometric ID

Confirms the individuals involved in VDT creation by generating a unique biometric template.

Data Attributes

The VDT records details like GPS location, timestamps, biometrics, VDT IDs, images, and documents.

Grading System

Assesses each VDT based on validation levels.

Validated Data Tokens (VDTs)

Digital tokens connected to physical objects, services, or events.

Touch Audit

Provides instant verification of the token grade and VDT data through QR codes.

Floating Kiosks

Portable, reliable devices on the trusted network. They offer brand customization.

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We eliminate opportunities for fraud and ensure that data accuracy and integrity are maintained with easy validation.

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